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Adria Interactive Multimedia, a sole-proprietorship of Joyce Sotski, was formed in Saskatchewan in December 1996 and moved to the Shuswap in British Columbia in September 2004. Joyce is a multimedia developer who creates web sites and other interactive projects for both internet and CD-ROM delivery. Her background includes an extensive 25 year career as a graphic artist in the printing industry, and a passionate involvement as a fine artist working digitally, as well as in oils, watercolours and graphite.

Whenever necessary or applicable, Adria facilitates and administers the development of clients' projects by forming "teams" of skilled partners. By teaming up with specialists in other industries and other companies, we, as a group, enhance our ability to produce media that is both cost-effective and creative. We've teamed up with individual companies specializing in various skills that include, but are not limited to, computer programmers, writers, graphic designers, audio specialists, videographers, and of course, "the client." The national and international awards that we've won, particularly in the educational field, are indicative of Joyce's leadership in the creative aspects of the new media industry.

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Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who could not hear the music.

— Angela Monet