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This section contains random projects that we've worked on over the years that don’t quite fit anywhere else on the site.

South Shuswap Canada Day Show & Shine

South Shuswap Canada Day Show & Shine
The South Shuswap celebrates Canada Day with day long events that includes a highly popular Collector Car Parade and Show & Shine. Adria Interactive has been pleased to be the designer of the posters and the sponsor's choice awards since the first one in 2007. Shown here are two of the awards; these were presented in 2011 and 2013.

Graphic design and artwork preparation by Adria Interactive
Car Parade and Show & Shine co-ordinated by Helen Stoddart

Wendy Nuttall Business Cards
Wendy Nuttall is a photographer. We had the pleasure of designing a series of business cards for her as well as building her website. As you can see, her business cards mimic the cover page of her website, http://www.wendynuttall.ca/. It shows how important it is to establish a strong visual identity that everyone can relate to and recognize as yours. It's your face and your voice when you're not in the room to speak for yourself.

Graphic design and prepress artwork by Adria Interactive
Photography by Wendy Nuttall


Sorrento 100
A small community commemorates its one hundredth anniversary! It was a year-long event that required everything from the printing of posters, calendars, plaques, stickers, and face tattoos, to flags that lined the streets and a new welcome sign on the highway, which is still to come. The visual identity was created by incorporating the number 100 into Sorrento's current logo and utilizing that as the focal point.

Graphic design and artwork preparation by Adria Interactive

Voices of the Settlers

Voices of the Settlers
This community history book is the compilation of years of interviews, recordings and photographs. It was prepared through the Shuswap Historical Society in conjunction with the 100th anniversary of the community of Sorrento, British Columbia. The second piece is a folder with an onionskin flysheet on which is printed a map of the community, the land subdivided into today's lots. It is superimposed over an identical map divided into the original homesteaders farms and orchards.

Graphic design and desktop publishing by Adria Interactive
Researched, compiled and written by Ann Chidwick
Cover photograph by Ann Chidwick

Fair Realty

Fair Realty Visual Identity
The Fair Realty visual identity serves double-duty for this husband and wife realtor team. By using their photograph on everything, from their presentation folder to the various advertisments they place in the newspapers and other directories in the community, it gives their potential customers the opportunity to become familiar with them. And, by superimposing their photograph over a photograph of our beautiful Shuswap, it helps to sell our community to potential customers in other communities.

Graphic design and prepress artwork prepared by Adria Interactive
Landscape photographer, Mandy Davies

The Journey

Interactive Computer CD-ROM
This is the prototype for The Journey. The Journey is a dynamic and tactile self-help computer application and social web site that provides hope, knowledge and encouragement to people affected by addiction. It's prototype has been completed and is awaiting the procurement of funding before proceeding to completion. If you are interested in further information, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Concept, research, interviews and authoring: Adria Interactive
Graphic design: Steve McDonnell and Joyce Sotski
Voices provided anonymously

Treaty Four Gathering

Video Cassette Cover
This video documents the annual Treaty Four Gathering in the Qu'Appelle Valley and guides the viewer through its spiritual, cultural, social and educational components.

Graphic design and prepress publishing: Adria Interactive
Photography: Birdsong Communications Ltd.

Near to Nature's Heart

Video Cassette Cover and Poster
Near to Nature's Heart: Women of Waskesiu, LIVE WIRE VIDEO PRODUCTIONS
The documentary, Near to Nature's Heart: Women of Waskesiu, is an exploration of the diverse lives of eight First Nations, Métis and Euro-Canadian women who made their homes in the Prince Albert National Park.

Graphic design and prepress publishing: Adria Interactive
Photography: Live Wire Video Productions and archival materials

Animated business card and interactive brochure on CD-ROM
The Quest, PW GROUP
PWGroup is one of Canada's leading printers, magazines, directories, newsletters, catalogues, journals, books, annual reports, stationery, advertising products and more. This cartoon-like animated story announced the addition of interactive applications and e-solutions to their portfolio of services. This interactive brochure provided additional information

Graphic design and writing: PW Group
Animations and authoring: Adria Interactive

Creating animations for Grasslands Transfer, a documentary shot primarily on location in Inner Mongolia. This is the story of how Canada and China are working together to preserve the threatened grasslands of Inner Mongolia. Beyond drought, desertification and practices to renew ailing lands, this documentary offers vibrant images of the land, the people, their culture and their customs.
Animations by Adria Interactive
Below, an assortment of books, graphic design by Adria Interactive
Photographs and artwork provided by publishers.
Maria Breaks Her SilenceTime in a Green CountryBlue WindowsBatoche
Milford and MePlainspeakingBrandon
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