If you want a web site that does the job you want it to do, it needs to be built by someone who understands interactivity and audience. It's not just about projecting your message out there; it's more about — does your audience get it? Is the message coming through and is your web site fulfilling its purpose? Here are a few examples of our sites that are doing what they were designed to do. 
A community web site filled with local information and interest that provides nonprofit organizations with web pages and sponsoring businesses with a place to advertise. This web site boasts a blog, rotating advertisements, php, javascript and flash movies.

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Wendy Nuttall, Photographer
This is Wendy Nuttall's web site. She freelances as a photographer. Most of her shoots involve large farm animals such as bison or elk, but she is open to working with other subjects. In her free time, her passion is wildlife. Winter mornings find her hurrying from her warm bed to frequent places where the eagles congregate, hoping nature would provide great light to enhance the texture of their feathers. Overhead, the eagles bicker and peck at each other on the eagle tree, at other times they sit closely together, chatting with eagle sounds.

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Salmon Arm Bookkeeping & Accounting

Salmon Arm Bookkeeping & Business Services
Salmon Arm Bookkeeping & Business Services is situated, for your convenience, right in the heart of downtown Salmon Arm. Their clients vary from small- to medium-sized businesses, each with different needs. To accommodate this variety in a timely and cost efficient manner, they offer a bookkeeping service that ranges from a complete bookkeeping system to providing individual specific tasks that suit individual business needs.

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Written by Kim Wiens and Joyce Sotski

Shirley DeKelver's web site

Shirley Bigelow DeKelver
Shirley Bigelow DeKelver is the author of recently released young adult novel, The Trouble with Mandy. This is a story about a young girl, Mandy Johnson, and her friend, Lance Running Wolf, who heal a wounded eaglet, and are involved in a cave-in in an abandoned silver mine.

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Written by Shirley Bigelow DeKelver

Menus and Memoirs of a Yacht Chef

Menus and Memoirs of a Yacht Chef — Marianne J. Gardner
This web site features a book entitled, Menus and Memoirs of a Yacht Chef, which is a combination of gourmet recipes, yacht stories and glossy photos of exotic locations and luxury yachts, crating a unique coffee table book and cook book all in one. It offers a PayPal Buy Now button providing immediate access to purchase the book or links to follow Facebook and Twitter.

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Graphic Design by Jessica McKee
Written by Marianne J. Gardner

Crannog Ales

Crannóg Ales
Crannóg Ales, Canada's only certified organic farmhouse microbrewery, creates Irish-style ales on-farm, locally, here in British Columbia. This web site was developed using html and php programming. It also includes a blog titled, Crannóg Ales Speaks Out, through which they keep in touch and provide pertinent updates to their customers — as well as others who appreciate fine old world ales.

Artwork by Brian MacIsaac, Crannóg Ales
Graphic design by Rebecca Kneen, Crannóg Ales
Programming, web development and maintenance by Adria Interactive

Left Fields Farm Store

Left Fields Hops Store
Left Fields is the 10-acre farm on which Crannog Ales is situated. They grow hops for the brewery and re-use all the brewery by-products as livestock feed, compost or irrigation water. This web site was developed as an ecommerce Paypal store to facilitate seasonal sales of hops rhizomes to other growers throughout Canada.

Graphic design by Crannóg Ales
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Private Family Genealogy Web Site
This is a web site that the family made for themselves by using a free family tree genealogy software — and then they asked us to personalize it by giving it some visual pizzaz! Here's what it looks like now.

Web page creation and maintenance by The Family
Graphic design and css stylesheet development by Adria Interactive

Saskatchewan Elk Breeders Association

Saskatchewan Elk Breeders Association
The Saskatchewan Elk Breeders Association (SEBA) is a non-profit association recognized as the voice of the industry in Saskatchewan. The purpose of the web site is to promote the elk industry and provide education and information for the betterment of the elk industry. This web site provides a searchable membership directory, a free classifieds service, and a password protected members-only section.

Graphic design and web site development by Adria Interactive
PHP and database programming by Bob Horton, Pneumasoft Inc.
Currently maintained by SEBA staff

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